Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Guide

The State of Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is among the world’s best locations for avid anglers for trophy freshwater bass fishing. Within the State of Florida, the Lake Okeechobee is the premier freshwater fishing destination and has boasted that position for many years now.

There are excellent opportunities for bass fishing to be found in the Lake Okeechobee, including in the nearby ponds, canals and the creeks throughout the state of Florida. There are two primary ways to go about fishing on the Okeechobee Lake and that is by either making use of artificial lures or the wild shiners.

Using Wild Shiners

Wild shiners are mostly made use of when you are going to fish for the really huge trophy freshwater bass. They were really popular many years ago when people started noticing how well they attract the largemouth bass population in the Okeechobee Lake since it is the food that they eat on a daily basis within the lake itself.

To make use of the wild shiners, it involves a very simple task of hooking the fish right behind the dorsal fin on the top of the fish. This allows the fish to be able to swim more or less in a normal manner. It’s the that baits fish— the movement is that of an injured fish, which makes for a more attractive option for the largemouth bass as they find injured fish to be easier prey.

Additionally, it is also not just about hooking the fish at the back of the dorsal fin, it is also about attaching a bobber on the line that keeps the fish from going below a few feet under the water. It will keep it close enough to the surface so that it’s easier to reel the bass in when they are caught on the hook but not too shallow that they do not go for the fish at all. With artificial lures, the three most popular ways to go about it is by using spinning, baitcasting and fly fishing. They are all really popular and it depends on the angler which approach they prefer going for.

Testing Artificial Lure Techniques

It is important to try out the artificial lure techniques as well as the wild shiner baits. It will teach you more about the different fishing techniques. The experience is necessary for the angler so that there is a certain sense of flexibility that the angler can enjoy depending on the weather conditions. Fishing guides that operate in the Lake Okeechobee provide you with the necessary guidance for you to be able to apply adequate fishing techniques to catch the largemouth bass.

Artificial lures make for more of a challenge and are more technical but that is the very aspect of it that makes the fishing experience more rewarding. Live baits make for an easier experience of fishing and is a good way for beginners to get into the feel of fishing for largemouth bass. With plenty of opportunities on the Okeechobee lake, anybody can get into the freshwater largemouth bass fishing game and learn how to become pros by employing the services of the guides that can walk you through everything there is about successfully catching the trophy fish you desire.

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